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If you do let me/us know.

I may too.

I'm going to take my old box, gut it, and put Linux Mint on it. Over the next half year I'll fill it with drives and start transferring over from my 2 Win7 boxes. Then I'll do the same to them.

During this process I'll likely try to add "things" to that old/new Mint box, like make a Mastodon node, IPFS, Holochain, and maybe PeerTube or whatever.

What I really need is a serious rack and some extra drives to start building some FreeNAS raids to be more secure against drive failure. Then I can offload my copious collection of full drives of everything interesting under the sun on to them, then reuse those drives in more FreeNAS raids.

And hopefully I'll be able to somehow join the QRL VPN and add IPFS and/or Holochain. My IP says I'll have fibre within the year so that's promising.