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I had more minority friends than white and my best man in my wedding is black. To me it didn’t matter because I avoided assholes no matter their skin color.

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Great life advice in general.

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Yes and no. I grew up in the ghetto and I'm black, but I went to a mixed race school. One of my best friends I hung out with was a white girl (just as poor as the rest of us and used to get bullied and called "trailer trash.")

Now if you're asking "Did I CARE about race?" No. None of us did. There was legitimately never a race issue growing up. Hell, race wasn't even an issue for half of my adulthood. This shit wasn't a thing until around 2013, when the whole Trveyon Martin shooting happened and Black Lives Matter starting making everything about "racism." Some of you may be too young to remember, but race was never a problem in America between say, 1993 to 2013. A good twenty years of society mostly being "colorblind." And the few who WERE legit racist, were called out for being pieces of shit. Racism BARELY even existed in America after 1970.

Nowadays, racism is back in full force, due to the far-left trying to turn black people into pathetic victims and house niggas, and turning the lowest IQ white people into redneck KKK reactionaries constantly paranoid and on the defense, who think all black people are BLM trash when 95-99% of us aren't.

People are so fucking retarded that they let Klaus Schwab and company divide them apart, and can't see this is obviously what they want, as they're the ones pulling the strings. MOST people, in America and the Western world, have too much of their own shit going on to legitimately be racist, sexist, homophobic, bigoted or any of the dumbass istaphobe words that have now lost all meaning. Nobody fucking cares. People got their own lives to live. But then the elitist shitstains had to start stirring the pot, and the dumbest people start to believe it's everyday people doing this BLM or feminism shit. Then you get actual legit racists on the left (black or white) and on the right (anti-minority KKK types.)

I'll say, worrying about someone's race is legitimately the most retarded fucking shit ever. Like, it's skin color. Literally fucking skin color. It'd be like hating all left-handed people, or all people with green eyes. Or all people who wear blue t-shirts. Nationality and culture is one thing (and culture is meant to be shared; you can't hoard it to yourself or else, your culture dies.) But no; we're literally talking about race and skin color here. Same nationality and often the same socioeconomic class or working-to-middle-class Western people. But then act like race is some great divide between people all getting fucked over by the same 1% dickheads out there in Washington and Hollywood.

So if you hate "assholes" or hate "trashy people" or hate "loud little shits who need to be spanked by their parents," that's one thing. But that isn't a "race" issue. That's a "shitty parents" issue. And maybe, at most, an economic issue because you're too poor to go to a better school.

But no; we're talking about literal race. That is some caveman level bullshit there. The same xenophobia (and I HATE using "phobia/ist" words) that literal cavemen had tens of thousands of years ago. It only proves to me that most humans are fucking morons and can't let go of basic tribalism even with all the advancements we've made.

I 100% hold the same mindset as Threesrwild said: Assholes come in all races and nationalities, and both sexualities and genders. My only two rules regarding people are: 1. Don't be stupid. And 2. Don't be an asshole. This already eliminates 95% of the human population. And legitimate racists on either side of politics tend to be both, on top of hating themselves and likely living at home with their parents while stuck on the internet and never meeting real people.

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Well put, sir! 👍👍 And welcome to Saidit!

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My only two rules are: 1. Avoid the groid. 2. Around blacks never relax.

Edit: To answer the original question…yes I noticed race as young as 4 years old. I especially noticed niggers didn’t like being called a nigger when I was 4 yo.

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I didn't notice until high school that race was a thing. Before it was just strange new odd and interesting people. But in high school I started noticing lots of arabs suddenly coming into all the classes. They were loud, they were disruptive and one of them even told the teacher to suck his cock when she told him to be silent. Was he or the others expelled? No. Reprimanded, but no expelled. So I had to suffer with most of those assholes until I got up to college where suddenly there were only whites again. I remember sitting there in class, gawking over how clearly I could hear the teacher and how unnaturally calm everyone was. It wasn't until much later that I realized that there was nothing unnaturally calm about it, I was just fucking shellshocked.

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I grew up in a very white school. No black people, but there was a girl in my grade who was Arab. I didn't give it much thought, but just thought her parents were from a little different country, like an Italian will look a bit different than a Swede. My best friend had Asian parents. I suppose it registered that his skin was darker than mine, but I can't remember ever caring or even talking about it.

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Yeah, but we didn't make half as much of a deal about it, other than the odd joke or two about racially stereotypes(which no one took seriously). In current day, and especially in the U.S. it's become some kind of end times-magnitude holy war situation. I feel like that is very unlikely to not have been artificially induced to be that way.