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Okay, time to work on solutions beyond SaidIt today.

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You read my mind. I decided to logon and make a farewell. Saidit is clearly fucked, what with zionists, jesuits, soro-ists, etc. just doing as they are told. I do not want to be here on this controlled site. What is your recommendation? The plague is coming and it's moving fast.

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I have a very full day today, and I'm already behind.

Before you split, hang in there a little longer so we can make some plans.

Cold turkey seems extreme. Let's build a decent life raft and draft up a last message in a bottle before we just jump into the ocean. /s/Cassy is where we can plan it, but perhaps we need another sub /s/SaidItEscapePod for folks to discuss leaving, where to, life after SaidIt, how to contact, etc, etc, etc. - and of course a place for folks who don't want to wait around to occasionally come back and check in to see if any new communities are worth checking out. Also, I'll be drafting up some charters for my local communities and future online sites, and we might as well draft one for SaidIt whether it has the M7 seal of approval or not - to eventually be shared in /s/SaidItCommunity.

Start with these distributed (better than decentralized) social apps:

And maybe sign up on https://Projex.Wiki, Flote, Friendevu, Librti, Unjected, etc. (https://Projex.Wiki/wiki/Recommended_websites) Let me know if you have any other recommendations.

Or other ideas.

Also, we can hire someone to be admin for new sites. I have the financing waiting on standby - but we need to find the right help.