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I appreciate that others see that this site is being visited by trolls and shills. They make up a sizeable percentage of activity on others sites, including Twitter and YouTube.

Saidit has the advantage of not censoring those that are trying to share the truth. (I have been suspended temporarily on both of the named sites, but not yet suspended here.)

The shills and fanatics are also here pushing or defending:

Trump and Cryptocurrency

Same on the other websites. These two subjects are like a cult. They can do no wrong and they will both save the world, according to their followers.

But that goes against the word of God which warned: Woe to those who take the mark of the beast in the right hand or forehead. It will be required by the slave masters in order to buy or sell. (cryptocurrency + genetic modifications through injections)

And only Jesus Christ is the Savior of the world. (The fall guy is no savior.) Jesus died on the cross for our sins to give us freedom from the adversary. Those that deny this truth are also of the antichrist spirit.

So when you see shills, you are seeing people whose minds are enslaved by the adversary, many times unknowingly. We were born into a spiritual battle, and the battle is won not with physical weapons, but by the word of God.

The examples given by the author of this thread are part of the enemy's battle plan, where the enemy of mankind stirs up hatred, pride, and anger in the hearts of men, so men will engage in physical battles. And then the enemy has an easy time with man. The battle is only won by following the Lord, who teaches us to love one another. The spiritual adversary is helpless against love. This is what Jesus Christ taught, who overcame death and rose from the dead, because he is the Master of life.

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I just like cryptocurrency cause I like gambling. Wild speculation on shit coins creates for a very volatile market and there's a lot of potential for making, or losing, money.

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Hello my friend, I just remembered your comment here. I was thinking about how unpopular Bill Gates is because he pushed the COVID shots, he was associated with Epstein, the man accused of rape and human trafficking, and other complaints....

Years ago Bill Gates said cryptocurrency, specifically Bitcoin, is better than money. He helped make it obvious to me that this cryptocurrency is part of the New World Order.

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I grew up during the emergence of the personal computer, the web, and now crypto. That is extraordinary to live through so many advancements. I don't know if there will be another in my life, it's certainly not guaranteed.

Corporations are betting big on the metaverse, looking to VR technology that keeps getting tried and rejected, while crypto has been a massive success. They can't own crypto, but they can own your metaverse.

Crypto isn't perfect. I mean hell, if you invested yesterday, 5-10% of your money just blinked out of existence. There's almost no regulation or oversight. Scams. Rampant speculation. Vaporware. Suspected market manipulation. No guarantee it hasn't reached peach value already either.

But it has a use, storing value, transferring money and gambling. I enjoy gambling, and crypto has way better odds than the casinos or bookmakers. Right now it's inherent in the system.

Bill Gates

Is an opportunistic thief and nepotist who exploited his connections to make his fortune. Gates has been wrong about just about everything in his life. He stepped down from head of Windows because all his visions kept being crap nobody wanted.

Bill Gates said cryptocurrency, specifically Bitcoin, is better than money. He helped make it obvious to me that this cryptocurrency is part of the New World Order.

The governments want Central Bank Digital Currencies, which is digital currency they control. Crypto can bypass governments, not perfectly, but more effectively than just about anything but cash.

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It is amazing how fast technology has changed in a short amount of time.  Not long ago, before our generation, people did not even have telephones.  It does not seem humanly possible for technology to have proceeded so quickly without intervention.  Now everyone is connected, and soon it will be a requirement to survive in this world.

I believe angels fell from heaven to assist in this design of global enslavement.

Bill Gates was correct in 2017 when he announced the novel vaccine using mRNA could be pushed through regulatory control quickly, and he said that before the novel coronavirus was publicly known.

Obviously one man could not come up with this plan by himself.  It's as if spiritual wickedness in high places revealed the plan to him and deceived him into being one of the public faces to push the plan along, probably with the promise of more wealth and power.

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Well said. Jesus is King, and He's coming soon.

Your Music Link for Today

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Jesus is King, and He's coming soon.

Amen. In my opinion, He is overdue, as if He delayed, but I believe it was because of His great mercy as He waits for more of His people to repent, so they do not get left behind.

Thanks for the link.

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The truth doesn't need to fear anything. Because it can defend itself. Contrary to any lie.

So if any shill or troll asks for an enema, i see np in gently applying it and the opening the faucet.

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people prefer lies to the truth, sad but true.

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Most sheeple: Sure. But people have a spine and don't live in an extasy of consumerism.

Actual people can make a difference between some screen and their brain, i firmly believe.

And yes: They still are out there.

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Good digging as usual be aware of u/socks too

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The real shills are the ones who constantly share low quality links; they turn the front page into a worse version of reddit.

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I will always be focused on the mission due to 9/11. I think that operation was a colossal failure from their end and it is the weak link in their facade of security. I had a supernatural encounter with an entity of infinite love and see the big picture. I will never engage in acts of physical confrontation but will increase efforts in exposing the crimes.

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There are trolls on saidit not following the PoD? 🙀

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Zionist shill is when disagree with my bias

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You people are paranoid