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The office buildings haven't filled back up, less waste heat from not as much traffic, etc. But, people are getting AC systems installed as fast as they can, getting window units, etc, etc. The next time around, who knows? Most people also did there best to not be out, let the cold in at night, and managed air flow in the day. Don't eat a lot of fatty and high energy food in the day, hydrate properly, etc, etc.

Remember, there are jobs where people work in paint booths in full PPE in temps of 160 degrees F, and on rooftops doing roofing where the heat is outright murderous. With the right prep, and maintaining a pace of work you're used to, not a real problem.

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Am I shadowbanned as I'm hardly getting any replies at all yet shitty reposts of news are getting popular upvotes. This isn't any better then Reddit it seems. Am I doing something wrong?

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Are riots still going on out there? Maybe this is a government conspiracy, heat the area up so people stay home and riots stop. You think the government can't heat the whole area up? Obviously you haven't watched Doofenshmirtz Evil Inc.

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I know they can manipulate high pressure and low pressures to cause 'suck' scenarios. I think they tried it with this heatwave but couldn't quite get it to where they wanted it AND/or it overheated their own machine so now they are 'fixing it' hence the cool downs in the forecast.