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I personally was not censored but a sub I subscribe to was - GenderCritical. I have concerns about children being allowed or encouraged to medically transition. I have concerns particularly about tween and teen girls feeling estranged from feeling like women because being a woman is has somehow become very narrow - super feminine, super into looks, makeup, fillers, Instagram, etc, and thus decide they must be a boy and start binding and developing a Dysphoria that wouldn’t exist otherwise. I have concerns that women and lesbians are told voices and experiences are not relevant, that only the oppression of trans people matters and not the oppression of women. I don’t like being told I can’t use the word uterus or that breastfeeding triggers someone else’s Dysphoria and thus women should not discuss their experiences and relations to their own bodies because of someone’s feelings.

I’m exceptionally liberal. I have dated trans people. I have been involved in the queer community. I lived in hyper liberal places, and it concerns me that these very very liberal folks are demanding censorship to preserve their feelings. I am a mental health counselor and quite frankly, Dysphoria is a personal problem. I believe that trans rights should be protected because I believe in equal rights for all human beings. I respect pronouns, I don’t care if you want to change your body to live as you see yourself, provided you are an adult. But I do not believe I should be told I cannot discuss my own bodily or lived experience because it makes someone feel “triggered.” I believe women have the right to have spaces for women who were born and socialized as women from in utero.