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This is what I use for carpet, you can do this on other floor surfaces but modify soaking time.

If you don't know where the spot is, you can use a black light to find it. It will fluoresce in the dark. If it's still wet, blot up as much as you can with paper towels. You are going to need a lot of paper towels, and not the really cheap ones. Once you do that, or if it's dry, saturate the stain with an enzyme cleaner. There are a few to chose from, (I like Natures Miracle) and you can get it from pet stores or amazon, just make sure it says enzyme cleaner. It's pricey, if you have several spots you are better off buying it by the gallon which will run $25-33. Let the enzyme cleaner soak the spot for at least 10 minutes, then blot all the liquid up with paper towels. Then let it air dry. Once should work but if it's an old stain or really pungent you can repeat the enzyme cleaner.

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Baking soda or some shit

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So if you use 'some shit' you have not just piss but also shit on your carpet. Real nice advice thanks.