School principal framed for racism with fake AI-generated phone recording by xoenix in TumblrInAction

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"Well most people under 40 don't trust the TV news" if that were true the internet experience would be much more pleasant than it is, believe me. Just look at all the reddiors and tiktok users who believe any clickbait headline (without actually clicking) and go straight to comment wars. Perceptions of innocent people are ruined, misinformation spreads just as easily as before if not more. Nothing's changed. Young people are as gullible as facebook boomers.

Trivial example to show how much people can't be arsed to check the validity of information themselves: I play an online dating sim for girls where the credits are accessible in one click. Dissatisfied with the writing of some scenes, people started claiming that it's because it was a full-male team in charge of the writing, despite the credits clearly showing that there was only one man while the rest are women. One click, and they can't bother to double check the info. People would rather take everything at face value than do a 2 minutes google search, even with all the fact-checking sites available now.

Quebec man has two healthy fingers amputated to relieve 'body integrity dysphoria' by xoenix in TumblrInAction

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I believe one of the most popular posts on r/TumblrInAction when it was alive was about healthy people who felt they were "supposed" to have a disability and amputated themselves. This isn't a new thing

My partner just came out to me as a trans woman and I'm ashamed to say I don't think I reacted very well by xoenix in TumblrInAction

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"for mtfs i want to say: - knee high socks - short skirt - scoop neckline even tho it’s winter - choker bonus points if there’s a heart" ...Fucking hell. Not gonna say there aren't girls who dress like this, but why is this style especially popular in those circles? It's like an anime fetish, it should stay in fucking anime. It's like they use it as a reference for how girls are "supposed" to dress and act- oh.

Things get awkward for a trans ally by xoenix in TumblrInAction

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Lol post was removed as I was about to comment. I'm surprised it even got 3k upvotes with the "part of me feels gross" comment

How many more years do you think it'll take for them to look at HRT and its subsequent surgeries the same we look back on lobotomies? by stoptheearth in TumblrInAction

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Honestly I would prefer this somehow. It will be followed by waves of "we fucking told you so" and I'd love to see how they defend themselves then.

That entire comment section is a headache. Mfs saying "asexual people can enjoy sex" then they're not "asexuals" you fools. by stoptheearth in TumblrInAction

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I never understood that. Isn't it the same as non-binary?

Twitter user is more concerned about a “trans man” being “misgendered” than the fact SHE falsely accused someone of rape by kingc-way245 in TumblrInAction

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Hey man just as there are good and bad Christians dont lump us all with the extremists. You don't see us call all americans for example school shooters.