If you come to our state and don't quarantine for 2 weeks, we're coming for you by jamesK_3rd in news

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i'm black so it was racist to assume i was white when deleting that comment. NIGGGERR NIGGER NGGER, nobody cares dude, its just a word. Strop being reddit.

"... They won't even admit the knife [they put in my back] is there." - Malcolm X by zyxzevn in quotes

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if i rob you 6 inched it's not as bad as 9.

Please remember.. It's up to everyday people like you and me.. by Enza in memes

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don't be afria dis step 1, I'm jacked as fuck though and take tons of steroids. #1, if you feel threatened, ask for weed. This will brainfuck any ghetto nigger. #2, say you are looking for the po office. This makes you relatable bc youve been arrested and in jail. #3 walk like a crackhead and say DIS QUAMBOOL over and over again. Niggers are dumb and will instantly see you as a crackhead. Fucking with a dope dealers white mark is bad news for them.

I Don’t Answer Questions: How To Get Rid Of Cops With Four Simple Words by MassTooter in politics

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being cool with cops is the plus, being a dick and blatantly ecersizing rights is going to get you arrested. Saying things like "Holy shit officer I saw that at the last second, (then use compliment) damn your shave is fucking smooth how do you do that? 99% of cops got the job to be cool and fuck over dickheads. My method might not work but the social engineering does. Things like veteran stickers or propaganda pushed things on cops matters a lot. I've been let go bc of my thin blue line helmet, they get close enough to see it, walk back to the car and gone.

Reddit Strike Day - Do NOT use Reddit AT ALL on May 20th by d3rr in MeanwhileOnReddit

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Conspiracy is full of normies now, not a bad thing bc we bring up lots of topics. I'm shadowbanned now. Everything is fine until I make a post about covid 19 being a nothingburger. Even 4chan has banned me once I saidit it a few times. All the threads are curated on 4chan, and probably here. If you you here this then know the right, feel it in your heart. It's the only path.