The extent to which AHS will go in order to cyberstalk foreign language Redditors: they will hire translators to go through their posts looking for wrongthink by ISaidWhatISaid in AgainstHateSubreddits

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So that's what Steven Akins aka Bardfinn aka Penny Oaken is spending money on, rather than paying his child support.

Kiwifarmer posts scans of documents related to Bardfinn's divorce, domestic abuse, child abuse, and (lack of) child support legal troubles by exentrico in AgainstHateSubreddits

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Lack of child support, not lack of child support legal troubles, to make the title clearer. Bardfinn has plenty of child support legal troubles.

Top AHS mod (Bardfinn) depends too much on his stalker-ware, attacks a fellow co-mod for running a hate group by [deleted] in AgainstHateSubreddits

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I especially enjoy Im-Probably-Drinking's response:

The comment you are replying to has absolutely nothing to do with what you've brought up. Why did you bring some other sub into the conversation? That has nothing to do with how moderators do or don't need support.

The state of California, where Reddit headquarters reside, recognizes sexual orientation as a legally protected class against discrimination. Which sexual orientations are or are not identities or vulnerabilities, now?

Why are you interrogating and harassing a user for being a member of a legally protected class instead of addressing the website issues presented? You're violating Reddit sitewide rules, and bordering on breaking state laws.

You are not a federal employee, and never will be due to your own life choices. You do not make determinations on behalf of the US criminal justice system of who or what is a hate group, and no one on Reddit cares either.

Stay in your lane, little Penny.

Go fuck yourself, Steven Joel Akins / Penelope "Penny" Verity Oaken / Bardfinn / Penny Witchette / Finning Widget / MutabileSemper.

ALERT: /r/banpitbulls is being targeted by Bardfinn, AHS and Masstagger, please reach out to their moderators ASAP and let them know they are a target by ISaidWhatISaid in AgainstHateSubreddits

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They know they're on the AHS radar. Can't find the links right now but they had a couple of threads a little while ago about the situation.

I'd hate to see them go private because more people need to read stories like this one:

Why Bardfinn will never have a girlfriend: he's scared of online dating apps by ISaidWhatISaid in AgainstHateSubreddits

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Second Life is full of Bardfinns, drewiepoodles, and Aimee Challenors. What a septic tank and a waste of technology.

Responding to Bardfinn's claim that he has a right to secretly cyberstalk and politically profile Redditors because: "your comment history and the subreddits you post in are public information. For researchers who have API access" by ISaidWhatISaid in AgainstHateSubreddits

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He is definitely misusing the API and other information and I think he is not the only one.

Does anyone know whether spez and Bardfinn knew each other before Reddit? That is my suspicion, that they were already friends or former co-workers or something like that. If not spez then someone else formerly or currently very high up in Reddit must have known Bardfinn in real life, otherwise I don't know why Reddit would put up with Bardfinn's stunts.

You might have heard of ahs. Here is some information about that, and more info about reddit by exentrico in AgainstHateSubreddits

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Thanks, removeddit is kind of a pain in the ass sometimes