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Can someone please send the above information to all the moderators of /r/news? Bardfinn and AHS are planning to target /r/news next, as disclosed in the following post:

I had the idea of directing people to posting "Daycare Dropoff" posts here in the stickied Discussion / Organising post - it would increase the traffic here, and provide a space for people to examine, discuss, and go about reporting stuff like short / buried comment threads in r/news, for example, or smaller subreddits that are perhaps not wholly hate subreddits, etc.

I also think that will take a dedicated team of moderators to handle the "shallow end of the pool" that would create.

Someone with a Reddit account reading this, please reach out to /r/news and let them know Bardfinn and AHS are gunning for them next. Send them the above link to and offer to teach them how to submit a moderator complaint.

In fact, every time you see Bardfinn targeting some haless Redditor in the comments, holding their posting history against them, that is evidence of him following that user around and is a violation of Reddit rules. Reach out to that user (who is most likely young and doesn't know how to or even that they can file a complaint) and offer to teach them how to report Bardfinn. Bardfinn is extremely experienced and organized, and is using these much younger users' inexperience against them. We need to start educating all these newbies on Reddit.