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Were a bunch of faggots. Kurt would've ended up turning into a tranny.

Pepe Putin by Scyber in memes

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You're so stupid that you're actually describing your stupidity. Go back to reddit you sad sack of leaking shit.

This really is 4chan Junior! by Pononimus in SocialMedia

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This site is an underground reddit. If you're looking for a reddit-like 4chan site, check out Poal.co and if you like really risqué topics then Voat.xyz is for you.

34 years of age/irish female/bisexual first post by snake900 in Introductions

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Hello. 37/M/American/Straight. How are you?

Maxine Waters: I Have Never Glorified or Encouraged Violence Against Republicans by scrubking in politics

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What a dried up lying nigger cunt.

Ghislaine Maxwell demands judge drop ‘mishmash’ case against her, arguing grand jury pool was too white by Drewski in news

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That just means she's racist towards white people. Add a racism charge for each juror she wants switched out. Simple as that.

Howdy! New on Saidit! Banned from Reddit, all of my friends as well... Apparently ad-blockers are against their ToS... They banned everyone that I marked as "close friends"... by The_Quantum_Alpha in Introductions

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The owner is letting it die. Supposedly he has an "angel investor" who was paying to keep it running and they decided they don't want to keep paying the hosting costs. The owner has the money and doesn't want to sell it or transfer ownership. Lots of users are suspecting it was an FBI/NSA/intelligence honeytrap or had something to do with the Q Anon thing.