Pink. That's all I know but I'd fuck her. by IkeConn in IdFuckHer

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Sorry, but she has no upper lip, like at all. I would most definitely not fuck her.

Do you ever suspect that normies will ever co opt the incel identity just like they stole gaming and anime? by yabbit in Incels

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I just got another tattoo on my right arm saying "incel" because 6 months ago my girlfriend broke up with me and I haven't had sex ever since, except for a few casual hookups with girls I met on Tinder.

The US state with the lowest fertility rate for whites is the state with the highest fertility rate for blacks by RedViking in nonmorons

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Correction: It's actually the 2nd lowest for whites (Vermont).

Why censorship by soundsituation in pics

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The thing about censorship is that the people who have the ability to censor are the elites. So only approve of censorship of things you would be ok with elites censoring. Are you ok with letting elites decide what is "propaganda"? Are you ok with letting elites decide what is "misinformation"?

Fuck Texas by fschmidt in nonmorons

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It's your responsibility to schedule the appointment enough in advance so that you can meet the deadline.

Karen Croake Heisler: 67-year-old former Notre Dame professor says “damn the unvaccinated,” dead 12 days after third Pfizer mRNA injection by Rob3122 in news

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Her (((last name))) is also appropriate given the narrative she is pushing.

July 30th, 2021- CDC Chief: "There will be no federal vaccine mandate" by PatsyStone in news

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People need to learn to stop trusting (((them)))

Pelosi squawks, "muh vagina!" while Americans lay dead in Afghanistan. by [deleted] in news

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Thanks for making me picture Nancy Pelosi's genitals. I think I am going to be sick.

Openly racist explanation of different peoples reaction to pain in an American medical textbook. by Chipit in books

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Jews Cultural Differences in Response to Pain

Jews may cry out in pain as they strike you.

Joomla Web Design & Development Company Nashville Tennessee Memphis by williamnoah in technology

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A routine traffic stop by trident765 in nonmorons

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That's right. If a police officer tells you to do something then you fucking do it.

Univax by RedViking in nonmorons

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Who's authority figures?

The government and probably also benevolent companies such as Microsoft and Google

Univax by RedViking in nonmorons

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No, it would use duo two-factor authentication so that only certified authority figures can control it.

Respect and obey people who make this hand gesture by RedViking in nonmorons

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If you see someone making this hand gesture, this means they are an authority figure. You must do what they tell you to do, and you must do it quickly.