— Dec 19, 2018 — New Saidit Android App Released by magnora7 in SaidIt

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So far so good! I haven't explored too much though, so there might be some lurking bugs around

Seeking people who agree to not Harm others by OneGoodLaw in ads

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Interesting, though a bit vague! Mostly, I would agree that harming people is incorrect and should be avoided as much as possible. But, in my view, there are reasons where it might be okay such as self-defense in a potentially life-threatening situation. It also depends on how you define harm; you might hurt someone's feelings by telling them they drink too much, but it might also save their life if they have heart problems or serious alcoholic tendencies etc.

I don't know if you would count these instances as incorrect "harm" or not.

Extremes suck, but where do the early adopters of fall? by CapnCrinklepants in politics

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aww shit just realized i mistyped "" in the title :/ ban me plz mods

Extremes suck, but where do the early adopters of fall? by CapnCrinklepants in politics

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Thanks for sharing! I feel you on that. It's made even more absurd because the overwhelming majority have that same feeling, about being pigeonholed, but mostly don't think twice about doing the same thing to other people.

People get upset about Nestle because they claim having water isn't a basic right. Why don't people get upset about the government and banks doing the same thing to land? by Vaxthrul in C_S_T

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But water can't be a right, it's commodity. 2nd amendment doesn't give away free guns, but the right to OWN the guns. Nouns can't be rights; only verbs can.

Niggerfaggots by Egeslic in SaidIt

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Is it really that bad? It's a word.