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If you live inside a houses instead of on the land, you won't perceive the land as one of your basic rights.

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Good point. Personally land feels like lifeblood to me, but for someone living in a dense urban environment its not important.

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But water can't be a right, it's commodity. 2nd amendment doesn't give away free guns, but the right to OWN the guns. Nouns can't be rights; only verbs can.

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why is freedom not a basic right, they are doing the same thing to freedom.

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I often think about this too. But then I always ask myself, how would it work if land was 'free'. What if someone comes into your business and is all up in your business and says yo, this is all my business now. What if you don't want to share land? We'd basically have to go back to some kind of tribal thing it seems, in which you'd have to share land.

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Because the only people upset at Nestle are the extremists, and they failed to understand the argument.