My first bans by notafed in WatchRedditDie

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I got a warning for some so-called "hate speech". I'm not even sure what Reddit considers "hate speech" any more. It seem pretty ambiguous.

Do you remember that nerdy game that kept many of us out of trouble and we played in high school? - It just went WOKE by AnniWishUWell in Barefootandpregnant

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I was introduced to DnD in my junior year of high school and played through my undergraduate college years. It was always a lot of fun. To be in the "in crowd" in my academic department, you needed to only do two things: Be able to quote the "Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy" from memory and play DnD. Aside from our studies, no one really cared about much else. We were a diverse ethnic crowd and I don't recall skin color ever being an issue.

I think all this "wokeness" is really just the latest fad, and everybody wants to jump on board. Unfortunately this particular fad is very destructive and could do a lot of damage before it's run its course.

These people want to sexualize and indoctrinate your children by calmbluejay in BiblicalSubmission

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My daughter will start kindergarten this school year. She'll be attending a private, church based kindergarten at the daycare she used to go to. We decided this based on how the public schools are conducting themselves during this so-called pandemic.

Right now from what I've gathered, our public schools aren't too bad in the indoctrination, but our democrat controlled state legislature has tried to push a sex education agenda that we both vehemently disagree with. It mostly failed, but I suspect that they will try it again at some point in the future.

For now, we have decided to use a combination of homeschooling and private schools. To be honest, I kinda resent that we have to go to this extreme to protect our children.

Chicago's lesbian mayor, Lori Lightfoot, launched a police raid on Sunday on a predominately black church for holding services in defiance of her coronavirus shutdown orders by calmbluejay in BiblicalSubmission

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Okay, but are you sure?

You see the problem is that in the United States, we've also had a lot of protests and riots lately. Many of our leaders have virtually turned a blind eye to these riots and large protests, but have prohibited (smaller) religious gatherings. In the videos that I've seen many of the protesters are not wearing any face coverings, as mandated by law. In fact, COVID-19 was basically under control before the protests and riots, and now we are seeing a resurgence.

So our leaders are permitting violence and property destruction which is illegal, but punishing religious gatherings, which is a right. Any reasonable person can see the blatant hypocrisy. That is the problem.

Banning Books In 2018 Laura Ingalls Wilder, author of the beloved “Little House on the Prairie” books, fell victim to cancel culture. by calmbluejay in BiblicalSubmission

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The reason is on the Wikipedia page for "Little House on the Prairie" in the section "Depiction of minorities". I think it's important to understand that this is period literature and that there might be ideas in the story that may no longer be considered acceptable or may seem odd to us now - history has a tendency to work that way. But as the Wikipedia article points out, "...these portrayals do not necessarily represent the views of the author and there are very positive portrayals of native American and black people."

I read "Little House on the Prairie" to my niece when she was little, and I fully intend to read those books to my daughter when she's old enough to understand them. I think it's important that she have an understanding of what the past was like.

It really isn't a mystery why a lot of men are the way they are today. by calmbluejay in BiblicalSubmission

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I meant no offense. I thought I was agreeing with your conclusion but coming at it from a slightly different angle.

It really isn't a mystery why a lot of men are the way they are today. by calmbluejay in BiblicalSubmission

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This doesn't come out really well, but I'll try anyway.

I'm a theistic evolutionist, meaning I see no difference between God's will and evolution. From my viewpoint, they are two sides of the same coin.

That being said, to try to fundamentally change humans for a political agenda is counterproductive. It's like rebelling against ourselves, our very nature. This is ridiculous.

Men and women are different. These differences are not a societal construct. Our bodies are different and our brains and minds are different. This is something that should be a source of joy and celebration. When a man and woman come together in marriage, they should form a whole, or in the language of Scripture, one body.

To make effective societal changes we should work within the context of our core nature, which is made in the Image of God. We must be always mindful of what He has planned for us and our natural history so we can be truly happy. To do otherwise is to invite disaster.

Vagina owners and period havers. Oh boy ! I can Sodom and Gomorrah on the rise! by calmbluejay in BiblicalSubmission

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Beginning? Things like this don't just happen overnight. I think it's been escalating for some time. As a result of Original Sin, we want to make and play by our own rules. We also want to change the rules to suit ourselves as we please. If we did this same thing with something like gravity, a lot of people would have broken bones, at the very least.

The one thing that is very noticeable today is that this has become particularly over the top.

Because we're all affected by the insanity going on and the same people causing the insanity hate Christians. by calmbluejay in BiblicalSubmission

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I don't know if we're specifically in the end times or not. I do know that people felt similarly when the Western Roman Empire collapsed. And Christians have been persecuted before in different places.

That doesn't make things any less frightening. I find the blind and illogical mob mentality the most troubling.

Controversy: A man's ability to work has an impact on how much we can be trad by WooWhoVintage in Barefootandpregnant

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That first sentence is so true. Without that concept, we wind up by encouraging mediocrity.

Sperm wars by WooWhoVintage in Barefootandpregnant

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This was an interesting read. I had no idea those little swimmers were so competitive.

Women who painted over NYC Fifth Ave. Black Lives Matter mural by calmbluejay in BiblicalSubmission

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The left's intolerance is astounding. Suppression and intimidation are the only ways they can force their message on us. It okay for them to deface public and private property, but don't you dare if you have a differing opinion.

Painted on the street in front of Planned Parenthood by WooWhoVintage in politics

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According to the "Rise and Fall of the Third Reich" and the documentary "The World at War" the Nazis used abortion as an integral part of their eugenics program. If you would like page and episode numbers, I can provide those.

Good News! by DnDLovers in Barefootandpregnant

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I'm glad she's doing better and can go home soon!

What’s Up with Rising Infertility Rates? by WooWhoVintage in Barefootandpregnant

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I know of plenty of couples that have started families in their 30s, including myself, and have had no difficulty having a child.

I think a lot of it has to do with what we eat and our exercise habits. Our society is more sedentary than previous generations and we seem to spend a lot of money on fast food and junk food. Throw alcohol and drugs (prescription and illegal) into the mix and all these could contribute to declining fertility rates.

I've seen articles like this before and they always seem to want to focus on the age of the woman. I think the age of the man is also important.

Netflix ruined The Babysitter’s Club by autumnfair in Barefootandpregnant

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This is why we don't watch TV that much, and when we do it's usually something that we're familiar with, especially if we're going to watch it with the kids.

Kanye West Praises Trump, Hammers Planned Parenthood, Likens COVID Vaccine To ‘Mark Of The Beast’ by calmbluejay in BiblicalSubmission

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I liked his comment about Planned Parenthood. He had the guts to publicly say what should have been said a long time ago.

Home Movies: Vacation in the 1930s by AnniWishUWell in Barefootandpregnant

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That was interesting. What's even more interesting is that those vacations don't look much different from those my hubby and I usually to go on. The only big difference is that we're dressed in shorts, tank tops, and t-shirts. Other than that it looks pretty much the same.

🕵️DISCUSSION🕵️ Outrage after California bans singing in churches amid coronavirus pandemic - Pastors call Gov. Newsom's order 'completely discriminatory' after weeks of protests by calmbluejay in BiblicalSubmission

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This is blatant discrimination and possibly racist. Being Eastern Orthodox, about 90% of the Divine Liturgy is chanted, and has been since the earliest days of the Church. No government or elected official has any right to tell us how we can or cannot worship, and I'm 100% with these faith leaders.

Women of today are less happy than their grandmothers. by WooWhoVintage in Barefootandpregnant

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I think getting $125 for three hours of answering questions would make me happy!

What counts as traditional? by Rivergirl in Barefootandpregnant

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I don't think you need to be Christian to be traditional, but in our modern world you're more likely to find traditional wives that are Christian.

Up until the the beginning of this year I was a working mom also. I just realized that I want to pursue a career as a homemaker and spend more time with my children.

In any case, I would like to welcome you here and look forward to your contributions!

Parental Consent for Minors to Undergo an Abortion by WooWhoVintage in Barefootandpregnant

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Parental consent is needed for a minor for any medical procedure. It's even required for giving any medicine to a minor. Why shouldn't parental consent be needed in this case?

Scientists can use magnets to make you less religious and prejudiced Posted on reddit (barefootandpregnant) by Lady-Victoria by WooWhoVintage in Barefootandpregnant

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This sounds like something out of a dark science fiction novel. The world keeps getting more and more scary.

The Head Covering for Women, Does it Apply to Us Today? by calmbluejay in BiblicalSubmission

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For all it's worth, I almost always wear a veil when in Church, either when I go with my husband to the Catholic Church or to my own.