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    Parental consent is needed for a minor for any medical procedure. It's even required for giving any medicine to a minor. Why shouldn't parental consent be needed in this case?

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      Good reasons why no one should ever trust the state with their children.

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      In my state, I have to fill out a form every semester for my child to receive his prescription medication at school. What you think you know is false. Would you be ok with a child buying a firearm without parental consent? Its a constitutional right, after all.

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      When it comes to abortion I admit that I'm an extremist. Needless to say, I would have it banned and everyone that's ever killed an unborn person or had someone kill their child would be in prison for life. If there was such a thing as magic genies and I were to find one... Well... Let me just say that every one that's pro-death penalty for the innocent would be making license plates for the rest of their lives.