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There is currently a petition to recall Newsom. It is a real petition, meaning it will be on the ballot if it gets enough signatures: Californians, please download, sign, and mail the signed copy in. Non-Californians, please spread the link to your CA peeps.

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There were a couple of threads a few days ago about liberalism being a religion. Here's another piece that fits right in. Religions are extremely jealous. The liberal religion, represented by the protesters hates any competition. They say they're all about love, but then they attack the longest-running (though flawed, as all human affairs are) calls to brotherly love in human history. Liberals are really really confused people, and in their confusion are accelerating a form of religious tyranny as fast as I have ever seen in my lifetime.

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This is blatant discrimination and possibly racist. Being Eastern Orthodox, about 90% of the Divine Liturgy is chanted, and has been since the earliest days of the Church. No government or elected official has any right to tell us how we can or cannot worship, and I'm 100% with these faith leaders.