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Heh, Hollywood ruining a generation is true for the US, I mean look at how Ramona Flowers was misunderstood as someone to be idolized. Shame. College being government indoctrination centers is more of a meh, I'd call it company training centers. Big pharma is true. We and everyone in my family is so scared of getting ill or whatnot. We can't afford shit already and the hospitals would probably bleed us dry. At least Jollibee isn't modified, much. Our political parties have no difference. They all have the same campaign promises. 24/7 surveillance for selling stuff. My friend has an impulsive disorder to purchase things. Ads and trackers are following her everywhere.

To be truthful, I can only see the West and a select few of Asian nations to be taking cyberscurity and internet privacy seriously. Many don't know or don't care about it, especially where I live. The older generation is more susceptible to using mobile devices and being more subject to tracking as much as the youths. A sad state of affairs really.