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I didn't write the 'fucked', 'dildo' and 'friend' comments. It's also not the way I write. You're also leaving out other basic comments that were only observations by me. Ed you're using a ban-evasion account to make up false statements. You're back to your old pattern of bullying and spamming Saiditors. This is not what Saidit is for.

Also, don't misunderstand my main point, which is not what someone will do to you, but that you will be ignored, because you are making enemies when you ban people. I doubt you want to be ignored, as sometimes happens, which causes you to spam the chat with nonsense code. Still, you regularly ban users in the chat for no reason, or because they're not paying attention to you. Continue your bullying, or grow up. No one really cares about the former. It's just a reminder to ignore narcissists like you who destroy the Chat channels.

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fuck off faggot.

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I see you've now resorted to chatting with yourself in the chat. yikes

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