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Can't have smart on tv!


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Lol, yang is a zionist shill. His campaign manager is a Zionist. Look her up and watch her videos. Also, Paul was a Freemason and a controlled opposition, very much like his pro-Trump son, Rand Paul.

Not one, NOT ONE, candidate is for we the people, they are ALL controlled. They give you your heros.

I still need to make a post about Gabbard, who said we need to Balkenize Iraq. What a shill, the lot of them.

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I will say, Ron Paul had some good ideas but I don't trust anyone who shills the offical 9/11 lie. He also is pro-Israel, and a crypto-Zionist.

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This was back in 2012. This soldier fought on a lie planned by Israel and the MIC and he was cut off at the literal moment he mentioned Israel.

SHows us all we need to know about who controls the media. Wolfie is a Zionist.

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CNN is literally CIA/Zionist propaganda moreso than any other US news station potentially.

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They are, but Fox News is too. Though, they have centrists, like Tucker Carlson and Laura Ingraham, the latter a Jewish Zionist who use to work for the Alternative Zionist network, rebel media. Carlson, is part of the mainstream media psyop. He also worked for war hawk and neocon Bill Kristol's Weekly Standard in the 90's.

Fox, CNN, ABC, MSNBC, and most of the mainstream corporate media as well as the faux alternative media are all CIA/Zionist propaganda, and if not, the lot of them still broadcast psyops daily.

Of course they can deviate from socioeconomic ideologies, but either way they all shill the same geopolitics.

9/11 has always been the litmus test for me. The 2nd litmus test is exposing who the real perps were. If they fail the latter, they're simply gatekeepers.

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Agreed. I guess I just meant that CNN is their "neutral" media outlet. Whereas fox has a clear lean right, as does msnbc to the left. CNN is perhaps the CIAs version of pretending to be unbiased, heh

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Everybody hates jews secretly. We are just breeding them to kill more of them at once. No they don't own banks lol, hilarious anyone thinks jews run anything. Jews are just pawns, that's why everybody hates them.

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How about you stop being a Hasbara shill and luring people into racism, antisemitism and hatred. Nobody is claiming all Jews own banks. Many people of all religions own banks. In the commercial banking sector in the U.S., yes, Jews do own many, many banks or work as the directors and presidents for these banks. In Judaism, usury was not seen as a sin, so throughout antiquity Jews became hated in many regions for predatory lending and usury as well as ritual murder. Of course the majority of Jews were not involved and the ritual murder was mostly conducted by apostate Jews, just like how the Bolsheviks were not religiously Jewish but Jewish by race. Most Jews would call them apostate Jews. For they call themselves Jews but they are not. If they murder anyone, they are not really Jews, according to Jesus. So, the Zionist Jews and Neoconservative Jews who planned 9/11 are very much apostate Jews.

Nobody hates all Jews, I hate nobody, but we can observe their behavior throughout history. 200 Years Together is a good start.

And clearly Zionists, Jews or not, own the media in the US.

Peace and love.

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I could see a senior army member being the one who cut this inside the production room onsite.

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Good point. I wonder who is in charge of the button to cut the feed, that's an interesting question