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There was a video of a girl who stepped out of a cafe across the intersection on a steep city street, into ankle deep water during a super downpour. About 6 inches deep. South America somewhere. The water knocked her down, then rapidly carried her down the street for a few blocks. She ended up drowning and swept into the river.

The crazy part was how fast that little bit of water carried her away. She must have been moving 15/20 mph down that hill.

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Your description reminds me of a water slide.

Water is powerful. It's heavy and fluid, able to change its shape quickly and continues to move down until it reaches the lowest point.

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Pretty much. One minute she was stepping out of a cafe in a city into the rain. One minute later she was drowning in a raging torrent.

Wish I'd have saved that video, because people really have no idea of the power of water.