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BLM and Antifa are being funded by major money.

But at the same time, there are some genuinely naive and dedicated individuals and small splinter groups within these umbrellas. The smaller more truly grassroots types are quite happy to attack true corporate actors as their enemy. This creates an interesting tension, because when they do this, they are actually attacking the very PR source which the big money pulling the strings is allied with. The big money thinks of the movement as good theater to advance their interests.

For the big money, it is viewed as acceptable minor damage when someone actually goes off-script and attacks the real enemies the movement would in theory truly address.

If a genuine bottom-up revolution ever materializes, the old adage "it won't be televised" will be true, because the "news" crews will decide very quickly it is far too dangerous for them to try to cover a crowd of people who genuinely loathe them.

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They went to a place filled with negroes...