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I agree, though none of this proves the earth is flat. It does however prove fakery of mass proportions. That video was very interesting unfortunately I'm not great at mathematics so I couldn't reverse engineer his hypothesis. Still, so much lies and fakery going on at NASA (Never A Straight Answer)

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I'm not a flat earth believer in any way.

Although, I can understand how it would be easy to go down that path if one loses enough faith in the system.

If I believed that physics was mumbo jumbo (based on my world experiences) then this would probably be a rationale (infact intellectually sophisticated) conclusion.

If it's all a lie, then nothing can be trusted that cannot be experienced/verified.

It has unfortunately come to that for some.... :-/

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If it's all a lie, then nothing can be trusted that cannot be experienced/verified.

Yes, and that's how everyone should think. But trust is important in communities.

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There's a video debunking the pool theory. Clearly, it doesn't look like they're in a pool. I've seen other videos which makes it clear they are not in a pool. But the video maker does provide clear evidence that there is fakery going on.

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I think we're aligned in our perspective on this.

If it's not the vacuum of near-Earth orbit, then it's fake.