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There's a clear distinction between low earth orbit footage and all the other footage. The difference is night and day. One looks real, the other is filled with anomalies and absurdities.

The low Earth orbit videos are demonstrably fake. The curvature of the Earth would be slight from 100 to 250 miles from the surface.

The visible (and significant) radial arc shown in most videos would need to be taken from approximate 4000-5000 miles from the surface.

Russian Space Walk In 2013 Proves The ISS Is Fake

This gentleman dismantles these fake videos. It's about 25 minutes long, but he's thorough. The same cannot be said if the hoaxters.

I suppose that they do deserve some credit, because maintaining the PsyOp in every aspect is an impossible task....

American Moon documentary is a great doc to watch. I highly recommend it.

I posted preview link on the 50th hoaxiversary. It's 5 hours of legit debunking. He leaves no room for debate.

The mason astronauts fell on their swords, and lived out the lie.

In the end, I feel pity for what they were put through. They really didn't have a choice.

I suspect that Gus Grissom may not have been willing to fake it, so he was killed. We'll never know for certain.

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I agree, though none of this proves the earth is flat. It does however prove fakery of mass proportions. That video was very interesting unfortunately I'm not great at mathematics so I couldn't reverse engineer his hypothesis. Still, so much lies and fakery going on at NASA (Never A Straight Answer)

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I'm not a flat earth believer in any way.

Although, I can understand how it would be easy to go down that path if one loses enough faith in the system.

If I believed that physics was mumbo jumbo (based on my world experiences) then this would probably be a rationale (infact intellectually sophisticated) conclusion.

If it's all a lie, then nothing can be trusted that cannot be experienced/verified.

It has unfortunately come to that for some.... :-/

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If it's all a lie, then nothing can be trusted that cannot be experienced/verified.

Yes, and that's how everyone should think. But trust is important in communities.

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There's a video debunking the pool theory. Clearly, it doesn't look like they're in a pool. I've seen other videos which makes it clear they are not in a pool. But the video maker does provide clear evidence that there is fakery going on.

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I think we're aligned in our perspective on this.

If it's not the vacuum of near-Earth orbit, then it's fake.