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Yes, JP is the false rebellion he talks about.

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I like some of his stuff -- but that's how they get ya isn't it. Made me suspicious when he discounted the possibility that CEOs could be psychopaths.

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Exactly, his 'rebel' things sound okay but his solutions are basically: accept the system, you can only be happy if you're part of the system, system is good.

I became interested because he was described as giving value to myths, which is basic Gnosticism and talking about Jung. But the way he goes about it and the 'conclusions' he reach are paradoxical with the practice he claims to use to reach them.

He is like a politician, instead of fixing or destroying the machine he just wants to oil it up so the kinks aren't as noticeable.

I myself am conflicted with fixing or destroying because 'The Industrial revolution' is out of pandora's box and will only get back in if most of humanity is destroyed by a worldwide catastrophic event(s) (think dinosaur extinction level) {aka destroying the system}. And Fixing is as hard as debugging, only with a lot of different languages, cultures and different outlooks(aka design plans). Kind of like when we all go about implementing our utopian view on Saidit by editing the same files simultaneously.