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Don't have a TV.

No Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, TikTok or anything else they come up with.

My life is so much better without it.

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Oh look, it's Mr. "I'm superior because I don't have a TV." Haven't seen one of you in ages! Here's a classic from The Onion back before they tragically went hard left:

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Why are you making fun of me? You shared this article: "Television is the great propaganda weapon"

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Sure, and it's about how TV affects all of us, even those who don't watch it. Your take: "Boy, sure glad I don't own one, I'm so much better without it." Wow, thanks for the update. How about doing something constructive instead of doing a little dance? Millions of people do watch TV and what's on it has an effect on everyone, even you.

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That "something constructive" is not watching TV, which apparently "is the great propaganda weapon". What exactly do you want them to do?

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The point here is to peer behind the curtain and understand what's really going on. This isn't a time to wave one's personal status around and notify the world "I don't watch TV so it doesn't affect me."

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I think comments like that can convince others to finally stop watching TV and cut the cord, like "Since I can do it, you can to." It's actually why I stopped watching TV myself(yes I am so smart), because so many other people said they did the same(yes I am a sheep). It got rid of nagging doubts like, "How can I live without television news and my favorite shows on syndication?". That's why I think it is a constructive thing to say. Because TV is toast. Best to try to convince people on the fence to drop it entirely and hope the networks and providers go away for good due to insolvency. A little peer pressure/support goes a long way. Sure, it's mostly self back-patting, but it still does work rather often to convert. Lots of people are intelligent enough to see the problems already and want to quit. But they need that last little push.(Hey, look! Your friends are all over there and still having fun! You don't need TV!)

Of course, you can completely disregard this passage if you want to keep and fix TV.

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I'm well aware of the effect that it has on me, still.

I liked your article.

I really don't have the room for a TV, or I probably would get one. I don't think I'm superior.

But I prefer a simple life.