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Mr. "Build the wall" is importing Mexicans. Hypocrite much? What a sham. Playing both sides. Meanwhile real problems like infrastructure go unsolved... but hey better invade Venezuela instead of worrying about that, right? He's got an empire to run here! Don't have time to worry about the domesticated actions of the domestic herd.

"Politics is just the entertainment branch of the military-industrial complex." - Frank Zappa

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I bet he won't even, "Build that wall." The whole entire point of Trump using these words, in his theatrical, philistine, intense manner, is infact an ideological subvertion tactic, more specifically reverse psychology. If TPTB control both sides, and you have Soros giving tens of millions to Trump and Open Border Policies, ask yourself what the real long term agenda for the US is? I think Trump is merely an internationalist, playing the part of a faux-nationalist.

Whether, you believe the stories broadcasted by national news or not. If you’re watching it or reading it, it’s likely fake, whether it rings true to you or not. The wall talk is a means to divide and conquer, to distract the masses with trivial social substance. It doesn’t matter if you myopically identify with the right or left, you are still under its spell.

Also, Frank Zappa quote is a great one, and he had connections too.

I've always pondered the question, what will they utilzie to bring in the beave new world, and what will it consist of. I beleive this reflects it.

Don't be distracted by the left hand as it points at the right hand. Still trying to figure out the meaning.

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This feels like Obama's 3rd term.