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noam: "jfk was just a guy fuck him"

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he really said that? hardcore if true brb

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n. c. is not to be trusted

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More trusted than 99% of the rest of the media, and he definitely has a point here. Don't throw out the baby with the bathwater just because he's not brave on one issue

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i know you trust him, but in my eyes he is controlled opposition, not a baby. a very bad, very ugly, very evil baby perhaps.

edit, i am adding this for those wondering where i am coming from

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No one is 100% correct. I think Chomsky is correct about everything he says before the year 2000 or so. He's very anti-establishment and anti-war, and he knows his facts, all attributes that I admire. But I think he was compromised over the 9/11 stuff, I think that's why he talks so much about the 60s-90s

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yeah, that era is his heyday. but what i also think is that for every sold soul there is a before and after partition of the timeline. the time when he was his own man and a time when not.

additionally the mit is known as an establishment institution. no academic can maintain a tenure, win grants, or just simply exist if going against the political will of the establishment. how come he managed?

and if you watch the video, you will see, that 9/11 is not the only issue where he showed his true colors.

i think he is a knight of malta, a papal knight, in kahoots with soros, the jesuits, the banksters etc

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no academic can maintain a tenure, win grants, or just simply exist if going against the political will of the establishment. how come he managed?

Because such a thing was possible in the 60s, and he has tenure, but he's been contacted so he knows there's certain issues he shouldn't speak out on

You could be right, but I think he does far more to expose than to hide. His book Manufacturing Consent is a masterpiece.

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my last argument is that he is polarizing, both academically and politically, ( as a saidit user, he would be worse than most of us :-) and sowing division is the trademark of the roman empire.

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That's decent point, but I also think anyone who tells the truth in an empire of lies is going to have an divisive effect

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oh that reminded me, he rejects the use of the word empire to describe the system for some obscure reason, but i think its because actually it hits too close to home. its too true, therefore dangerous.

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That's interesting. He does call what the US does "imperialism" almost all the time though, not exactly all that different imo. Empire and imperialism have the same root

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The elites could have attacked Trump for supporting debt, wars, and the police state, but they decided to say Trump was a Russian puppet because Obama and the 1% love debt, wars, and tyranny, too.

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If you control the Fed, Wall Street, Hollywood, and the media, you can rule the world.

You can give campaign donations and cushy job promises or make Deep State threats to politicians to make any law, tax, or subsidy that benefits you and punishes your competition.

You can brainwash and distract the population to support anything that benefits you.

You can call for wars that benefit defense companies, protect Israel, and lead to more refugees.

You can call for anti-family laws, welfare, and illegal immigration that weakens and divides Americans.

You can use political correctness, lawsuits, hire protesters, and buy off websites, search engines, and reporters to shut down any free speech.

You can call for new laws that fill private prisons.