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The US has gone batshit insane.

Americans scream that there must be a wall or illegal immigrants will get welfare and drive up the debt, but if there was no welfare then the debt would not rise.

Americans swear that there must be a wall or there would be drugs, but if drugs were legal then there would be no drug smuggling.

Americans insist that there must be a trade war because Chinese products are too cheap, but if the US got rid of the minimum wage then American exports could compete on the world market.

Americans say that there must be bailouts and subsidies to save companies hurt by the US trade war, but if there was no trade war then there would be no need for bailouts and subsidies.

Americans say there must be welfare to help poor people who are hurt by regulations, but if there were no regulations then people could start businesses.

Americans demand that the government start wars to stop terrorism, but wars lead to terrorism.

Americans beg for rent control to stop inflation rather than reducing the US debt.


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Well the media says those things more than just normal Americans. But it is odd how many Americans buy into the propaganda.