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Looks like the DA was hiding evidence and people in his office found out and derailed the case.

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You know times are tough when you can't even get a political lynching to go smoothly.

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    the MSM is on suicide watch right now.

    Now that's a worthy cause I can support.

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    This last ditch attempt to create a crime out of nothing, relies on....the same as all the other gaslighting accusations: mind reading.

    Trump's former lawyer formed a limited liability company, a normal thing to do to properly report your taxes and protect yourself from...personal liability. He then used it to service several of Trump's specific financial needs of which required careful lawyer attention.

    These included at least two highly questionable accusations that seemed encouraged by political rivals and meant to encroach on his Constitutional Right to Free Speech (the right to association, by participating in government, something we've seen a whole lot of lately). Such rights have enhanced protections in states who have adopted Anti-SLAPP laws. This also involved purchasing rights to an un-aired interview footage by one of them, which was owned by a news station.

    The lawyer generated liquidity to cover the financial needs of the company and its services and was paid a monthly retainer by Trump.

    This lawyer, we are talking about Cohen, made some minor, but noobish, money handling mistakes all own his own side, which opened him up to legal predatory and exaggerated attack, something he knew better than doing, during the current all-out-war against his client. His malpractice in this way, caused great damages to his client.

    Caught in the trap, the lawyer made the overtly corrupt move that stinks of being paid off. He plead guilty to a crazy crime that made no sense, campaign finance charges for making these purchases. This was obviously in lou of a being smothered with a gish gallop of charges and campaign against him, which wouldn't be hard since he had a history of being a bit shifty, as most lawyers. Good thing he didn't pay millions to Steele for Russian dirt on a political rival, because that'd apparently be total comparison.

    Yet, charging Trump requires exerting one Mrs Kleo mind reading, projection that assumption as if it was fact, like is the standard gaslighting practice:

    Asserting that this wasn't a retainer fee, but instead a times two or three times payment, directly reimbursement the LLC and its lawyer's action, as if they were Trump's own actions, but spread out of monthly payments.

    If you can't come to that conclusion, then nothing about this was a crime. You can easily spot bias about this, as only biased people would refer to this as "hush-money" and only they would refer to the lawyer as a "fixer". No objective judge, actual journalist, or politician would use such terms intended to sway and insinuate guilt. These are the type of terms used by those who want to compel others away from assumed innocent and propagandized assumed guilt.