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Good! Maybe they'll stop coming here.

But I doubt it.

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More than half of American tech is built off the backs of immigrants on the genius visa. With Americans getting dumber by the day, the general population is only a few IQ points away from going full retard. Foreign grown talent is probably still the best source to exploit to maintain innovation.

Either that or the US needs to steal more IP like with what they've been doing to the EU and Japan for the last few decades.

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We're doing fine. We don't need any more "American tech" that only serves the interests of the powerful. We're just fine as we are, we don't need more trash from third world countries.

And if these people are so amazingly talented, how are their own countries ever going to get any better if we keep stealing all their best people? The one country in the world that doesn't need any help is robbing others so it can get even fatter. That's textbook imperialism and it needs to stop.

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We're doing fine.

really??? have you not seen the woke american-born kids today?? the immigrants are the only people of this generation who actually appreciate & respect what America really is, and they work very hard to give back to this country that gave them a chance... completely unlike our lazy entitled self-centered little bitches that we spoiled with our 'participation-trophy' indulgent culture.

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Immigrants hate us with a burning passion. They're just here for the free shit.

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woke american-kids hate us with a burning passion. they're just here for the free shit.


lol the idea immigrants would move to a country with people they hate with a burning passion is just hilariously retarded.

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And about a hundred thousand other examples of them attacking us