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I am pro-choice, but the wave of democrats invoking the principle of bodily/medical autonomy after spending the last two years trying to force people to get vaccinated against their will is fucking disgusting. Fuck all of you crying bitches that did not support my bodily autonomy that now expect yours to be protected, I hope you bleed out from back-alley coathanger abortions. Neither side cares about bodily autonomy, they care about their platforms of inconsistent policies that flagrantly violate the principles they have invoked on other special interests.

Also while I personally don't like the outcome of abortion being restricted, it is pretty clear that states can make more restrictive laws than the federal government as long as it does not violate constitutional rights, which this does not. I would however fully support enshrining bodily autonomy in the bill of rights alongside my other civil liberties.

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Sorry mate - I genuinely don't understand the passion people have about their objections to a perfectly safe vaccine (with the exception of the 1 / billion who required temporary blood thinning medication). And I don't see that as related to the national protection of a women's rights. The only potential connection is that the vaccine helped build immunity and protect billions of people from COVID, whereas human rights protections for womens' reproductive rights are now struck from the Constitution, making the US a 3rd-world country where human rights are concerned, and millions of people will now suffer, of all walks of life, especially if they are middle-class or poor.

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Is this perception the result from what they are being fed by the media?

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    To which minority are you referring?

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      Oh, socks!

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      You did better than I did! He had to tell me who he was, I thought he was a normie redditor here because of TiA.

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      Haha. I didn't know until his "GOP" response.

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      (((99%))) is another

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      As if US ever was built on anything else than slavery and racism... dimly funny though.

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      As if one can select any of the events of the past 400 years as justification for an argument against this recent theocratic decision, which reverses 100 years of work on women's rights and human rights in what's supposed to be a civilized, secular country.

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      The US won't be civilized or secular much longer. The disappearing European population will make sure of that.

      Whites are being replaced by populations with lower IQ who are likely to be both uncivilized and religious. You wanted this, asshole.

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      They never realize what they advocate for until it's too late. It's a passing definition for being ideologically retarded.

      Crustybutt will be standing in a bread line, literally crying because the last Starbucks that took cash instead of credits is closed, and he will, so very audaciously say, "What the fuck is happening here?" As if he and his ilk haven't been actively advocating for it for decades. They are galactically stupid.

      Meanwhile, I'll be on the side of the road in an orange jumpsuit because I survived my fight the govt., and I'll be telling him "Tap yourself on the shoulder moron, we've been telling you for years."

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        I've added this to the list of your alts.

        Are you going to explain yourself, or just talk like a fag?

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          Well talking like a fag it is.

          You responded to me already you fucking moron.

          I responded, what the fuck are you gonna do about it?

          Sorry I hurt your pussy.

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            I knew you couldn't do it. I knew you couldn't keep your word, that's just the kind of fatass liar you are.

            Get this straight you lying fatfuck, I insult YOU and your ilk. And you and your ilk are deserving of every bit of it.

            Stop projecting you fat liar, I love myself immensely, which is exactly why I act the way I do to you, and conversely why you can't take it. Go get a mirror and figure it out, do some workouts while you're at it.

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            You aren't civilized, though. You're more stupid and less civilized even than the average primitive caveman. You just happen to have access to technology. That's about where the differences end.

            You don't even know what a woman is. You talk about 'birthing people' and 'wombed people' without requiring definition, but 'woman' needs to be defined by a biologist. So shut the fuck up about 'women's rights'. There is no such thing as a 'woman' in the current year, 2022 AD, after '100 years of work'.

            You talk about 'coups' and 'insurrections' while your fellow extreme ideologists are attempting the same thing all across the country right now, storming government buildings, even going as far as to call for the deaths of the six justices and the destruction of their homes.

            Lastly, there are no such thing as 'rights'. Stop invoking imaginary nonsense to attempt undergirding your rationalizations for whichever dysgenic, degenerate thing that comes up.

            You think the average caveman didn't know what a woman was? Nah. That's just for braindead fools like you and the other Redditards. Fuck off back to Reddit, tough guy, where you can fantasize about killing Tucker Carlson and the six new names you've added to your long, ever-growing list of people you want dead: Elon Musk, the whole Trump family, Vladimir Putin, and so on. You're a pathetic tinpot revolutionary wannabee; you're no Rambo. You'd be dead long before you got anywhere near any of those people. Not that you're man enough to even try, constantly ban evading, unwanted, mental case little shit.

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            It's still unclear to me.. what "right" did the court throw out?

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              Oh good, it should be a fairly easy one then.

              So again, what human right did the court throw out?

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                Please tell me, in this document: Where is the right to an abortion a qualified right. Maybe even in this one:

                Like, why are you giving me links to amnesty, Newsweek or hrw? It just makes you look like a sad shill or a tool.

                STOP repeating bullshit. Nobody cares about conspiracy theories of GOP minorites mind fucking the US Supreme Court. If you point to me in the documents I posted, the only ones relevant, the human rights violation then I'm definitely in board with protesting what's going on.

                If you actually read those documents, you will actually see where things not explicitly covered are to be decided(hint it isn't the federal government)

                Now, if you wanna argue the US Constitution is antiquated and needs to be thrown out completely, that's fair and we can have a good discussion on that, but otherwise, I'm starting to think your full of shit.

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                  Write to you?? I didn't DM you. You put your stupidity and inadequacies in response for everyone to see. You tried to respond, but because your arguments are so vapid and infantile, it is hard to form a response that looks serious. That happens when you done have a good argument or you haven't thought things thru

                  Again, show me the human rights violation from an authoritative source..

                  I don't live in humanland, or amnestyland. If you live in the United States, you don't live there either.

                  The documents I cited for you, are the relevant documents that define where and from whom your rights come from if you live in the United States.

                  You didn't give me any answer other than you are a useful tool for CNN.

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                  Socks has gone mental after the failure in Ukraine

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                  I eagerly await your explanation as to why it should be a federal right to kill something that is, at a minimum, a living multicellular organism that will soon become a human.

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                    No, I'm saying that's the absolute bare minimum anyone could possibly consider a fetus to be. My opinion is that it is a human life. We have essentially no understanding of what exactly consciousness is or where it comes from, and until we do any claim of a specific stage at which it begins to exist is only a guess. And still you have not made any case for why it should be a federal right to kill the organism in question.

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                      Like you said, we can't claim at which specific stage the fetus begins to exist, so we may not be killing something. I guess that uncertainty needs to be weighed against the right to ruin a woman's life.

                      We both know that if this type of situation happened to most male Republicans, they'd choose to abort.

                      Notice how the GOP is focused on stupid no abortion policies (which will just lead to more dangerous illegal abortions) rather than trying to tackle the biggest reason for abortion (financial distress).

                      The overturning of Roe vs Wade also doesn't happen without the establishment say so. This whole thing is a ploy.

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                      I think this is at the center of the debate. When does life begin? I don't think most pro-choicers think they are killing a human life. Most pro-lifers think they are. I am not religious, but the moment I saw my son in the delivery room, I changed my opinion on abortion. The scientific community draws the line for a fertilized egg at 14 days for ethical reasons.

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                      If ever... and that is a big if.

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                      Most don't seem to grasp how bad this will be for them.

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                      100 years of work on pedo rings

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                      It's been proven that slavery was a net economic loss. Slave population was still relatively low at the founding and only peaked in certain regions. And lets not to forget that Jews are to thank for slavery in North America. They ran the auction houses and owned a disproportionate number of the slaves.

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                      Resourceful. Thanks.

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                      Hey, quick question: What's a woman?

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                      Relevance in this context ? Off-topic again ?

                      And don't "Hey" me. I also refrain from calling you the names, you deserve, as far as i can.

                      Just because you switched your boomer-style bait doesn't imply i bite.

                      Only because you painted your black bullshit pink, so to say. Show me some actual creativity that is worth being called so. Then we'll talk.

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                      What's a woman? Answer the question, tranny-lover.

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                      Wow! It looks like the critical race theory indoctrination is working exactly how the WEF intended. I bet you can't define the word "woman" either.

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                      You can simulate anything you want, as you see fit. Just because you switched bait, i still don't give a shit.

                      And every bet exposes you as a person, especially when out of context like this ,fyi.

                      You are so fucking braindead that you try the same fucking bullshit again and again. Train your troll scripts with people dumb enough to fall for your two-braincell "ingeniuity". Or don't aim into the sky when you're only a flea in the first place.

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                      Good! Maybe they'll stop coming here.

                      But I doubt it.

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                      More than half of American tech is built off the backs of immigrants on the genius visa. With Americans getting dumber by the day, the general population is only a few IQ points away from going full retard. Foreign grown talent is probably still the best source to exploit to maintain innovation.

                      Either that or the US needs to steal more IP like with what they've been doing to the EU and Japan for the last few decades.

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                      We're doing fine. We don't need any more "American tech" that only serves the interests of the powerful. We're just fine as we are, we don't need more trash from third world countries.

                      And if these people are so amazingly talented, how are their own countries ever going to get any better if we keep stealing all their best people? The one country in the world that doesn't need any help is robbing others so it can get even fatter. That's textbook imperialism and it needs to stop.

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                      We're doing fine.

                      really??? have you not seen the woke american-born kids today?? the immigrants are the only people of this generation who actually appreciate & respect what America really is, and they work very hard to give back to this country that gave them a chance... completely unlike our lazy entitled self-centered little bitches that we spoiled with our 'participation-trophy' indulgent culture.

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                      Immigrants hate us with a burning passion. They're just here for the free shit.

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                      woke american-kids hate us with a burning passion. they're just here for the free shit.


                      lol the idea immigrants would move to a country with people they hate with a burning passion is just hilariously retarded.

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                      And about a hundred thousand other examples of them attacking us

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                      Watching the US is a hobby in this non US household and this is not even close to the perception most non US people have. The nation and the people in it as a whole, are on par with a classic episode of scooby doo, except every time they reveal the criminal at the end it's the same thing. Retardation.

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                      I hope the SCOTUS bans same sex marriage. I would love to see that shit hit the fan.

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                      Seems like an improvement.