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We'll just get the same response as we have in TX.

Begin offering driving licenses regardless of citizenship.

VoterID passes.

DMV begins auto-registering people to vote when they get a driver's license, regardless of citizenship, citing it as an "error" if they are ever caught.

Non-citizens use their license as their ID to vote illegally.

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Where did I say anything about it being restrictive? Almost everyone that doesn't have a driver's license has some form of government-issued ID. You need one for just about anything these days.

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I didn't say you said it. That list of ways "they" rig voting had it. #4.

And it is restrictive. Some 70 year old who has no licence and never will, or other ID will be restricted from voting. Why not have a recent electric bill to your address ALSO be a valid form of citizenship?

It's all rigged, in as many ways as possible.