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AOC literally had tax the rich on her butt however, she is a hypocrite, not unlike the dumb republicans who only care about the rich because she ONLY talks about progressive/marginal tax which rich people can just open up offshore accounts or buy millions of dollars of art.

Capital tax is the ONLY way she and rich politicans and private corporations and Rockefeller, and Rothschilds, etc., will pay their fair share to the government if they want to keep all the benefits and privlages of US corp.

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she is a hypocrite, not unlike the dumb republicans who only care about the rich

This is a circular argument (it's false). It's this simple:

Increase taxes for the rich. That's what she supports. That's what the Biden jobs bill has in it. That's what a handful of Dems and ALL Republicans are against. She and a few other Dems support a higher tax for the rich. It's that simple. Republicans (and some Dems) do NOT support the higher tax. This should be crystal clear to everyone.

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Increase tax for rich by not mentioning capital tax? If you don't mention capital tax you're gatekeeping just like she does with Israel/Palestine issue.

They won't tax the rich because the rich will send their money to offshore accounts or buy art. A marginal/progressive tax is gaslighting without any mention of capital tax.

If you can find a twitter post of hers mentioning capital tax, please do.

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Capital Gains Tax?

This is a very old discussion, one that could not be appropriately addressed in the jobs bill, as it would be consided unfair to a specific rich minority. The only taxt congress would consider in a jobs bill is one that applies to the broadest selections of people. The fact is: ANY additional tax on the rich would be a step in the right direction, given the tax cuts over the past 40 years. Regarding offshore accounts, those also have to be restricted, though not in the Jobs bill. One tax law at a time, if Democrats can remain in office.

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Yes, capital gains tax.

Who cares if it is unfair for the rich. Use people fascism or an executive order to pass it. They stole trillions using covid as a catalyst.

It would be a step in gaslighting any other way and when a republican gets back into office nothing will change. We beed radical legislative change and if that means kicking out all the Zios in congress, good.

It won't happen, however, because the democrats fon't actually care about the poor.

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It's okay though. They'll provide us with a nice cushy tax break while they stole hundreds of trillions from the middle and lower classes in a matter of months.

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But it was made by an immigrant (from Toronto).

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Chipit - this is your 5th or 6th post in /s/politics and other subs attacking AOC because of something unimportant. You obviously want us at Saidit to join in your hatred of her. But why go after her and not the hundreds of other politicians? How is she so different? Is it because she is actively working on legislation that will help the 99%, whereas most of her colleagues aren't doing that, and that all Republicans (and a few Dems) are actively lobbying with disinformation about this - and a damn dress - in order to block her progress with bills that help the 99%? You're helping these rich assholes fuck over the 99% when you spread their propaganda. I hope you appreciate that these posts are part of a political lobbying movement to harm the 99%.

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And yet it is the socks account that consistently posts in favor of the powerful and despises the little guy.

If she liked us, she would have forced the vote. It could have happened. But she's taken her place at the feeding trough. Sad, really.

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Again, Chipit, this is the opposite of what's happening.