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I was just on twitter looking at some of the videos of screeching antifa imbeciles protesting Andy Ngô. One Portland idiot girl was repeatedly shrieking "fascist....fascist!" It made me think this idiot doesn't know any better, doesn't know any more than the one damn word. So I went to the Encyclopedia Britannica and got really a pretty watered-down definition of "Fascism." I decided to turn to Ludendorff, to see what he has to say on the subject. I think the second chapter "Systems based upon Force and Systems of Alliance" of his book "The Coming War" (1931) is one of the most informative I've read, and I found pgs. 31-40 very instructive about Fascism. I'm including the link. For those for whom nine pages is too long, his essential thesis is Fascism is an instrument of the Catholic Church. A quote, "The more clearsighted among the Germans indeed had long since perceived the sham nature of the friction between the Vatican and Mussolini. They know now that Fascism is the offspring of the Jesuits and the trump card of the latter in their game with the Grand Orient of France."

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What fascism is and where it came from:

TL;DR A man liked socialism, but he saw some parts that could be improved. So he changed about 10% of it and rebranded as fascism.

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I hope you'll give the nine pages I've recommended a go