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It looks a lot like journalism. They guy's comments at the end probably should have been cut, though.

If it is meant to deceive, it will probably work. This seems like nothing conclusive or obviously egregious.

Why not release this earlier? The big question is why an investigation was so opposed from the very beginning. This feels cherry picked and suspiciously late. Something isn't right here, and I don't mean maybe.

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If the state BoE had shown this footage at the press conference in November when they refuted fraud claims, I think it would have gone a long way to help people believe them. The snide comments made by the official at the beginning and end show his bias, which should be hidden. Until I see a hand recount with legal voter verification, I will always be skeptical of this election because I have seen voter fraud first hand.

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It does smell fishy. Refuting after 5 weeks and not showing the part of the video where the same ballots are repeatedly scanned seems pretty... credible? The whole 60 minutes interview, including where they talk to Pelosi, seemed an effort to put a damper on the video of Lt General McInerney (, who mentions the same Georgia video and her missing laptop. Not sure if he's really onto something, but if so that could explain all the panic and rush to use 60 minutes. Biden also just tweeted comparing Senator Hawley to Joseph Goebbels, another steal from the Lt Gen's video.

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Well now only simple Math along with multitudes of other evidence proves the election fraud.

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A few Voat-now-Poal people refuse to admit that Republicans observed the entire process from start to finish, as did the lefties.

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Why do the Democrats oppose any investigation, though. It's not like crazy allegations were made then investigated and debunked.

Crazy allegations were made and then lies were spread to counter them. I'm not sure what it is, but something is very wrong here.

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This is a idiotic lie.

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Please disprove the videos that show the observers cheating. The ones I've seen do not include all angles.

Keep living the dream. We get another chance in four years.

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Video is blocked. Mirror?

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It's all Bullshit. You don't hide ballots underneath a table and pull them out when everyone is gone. Stop falling for the propaganda.

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You don't know how dumb democrats are.