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Finally! Someone who

A. Has a lot of sources

B. the sources they have are trustworthy

C. is not in the bad zone of the pyramid of debate

D. Isn’t fucking brain dead

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Absolutely excellent post. Here, have platinum. Wait... We don't have that.

But kudos for the supreme quality of information, sources and all that.

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    I like it, but yeah, what the J dude said... Sources please.

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    Americans scream loving your country means accepting tyranny.

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    not a bad thing

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    Notice how these trained marxists are trained in social theory.

    They are merely useful idiots, these organizers, not in anyway dangerous, whereas, the US government Federal Corporation, whichever president and the Trotskyite communist Neocons Trump, Obama and Bush appointed are far more dangerous to everything the US constitution stands for. But most people here probably voted for the Likudniks loving, neo-hamiltonian, Latitudinarian constructionist Trump and his cronies.

    I bet that if you met these organizers they would be fairly nice people and would believe in their hearts to be doing the RIGHT THING. They are brainwashed by ideology, as Solzhenitsyn and Bezmenov have always contended. The problem here is that they are NOT part of some grand conspiracy, they are as I have contended, useful idiots.

    The terrible crimes you see above are not because of these organizations or even marxism. They are due to hatred and demoralization.

    Think about the non-Jewish and Jewish Bolsheviks for a minute here. Who was behind them in the beginning? Many of the peasants who were treated fairly poorly by the Tsar. These peasants were nearly all Russians! The peasants truly believed these Bolsheviks, Jew or not, were saying all the right things, and they were, however, when they got into power they turned on everything Russian, massacring not only the rich and religious but also the peasants who for many years before the revolution supported their cause of equality and labor rights and freedom.


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    4 steps to prove that Trump supports BLM:

    1. Vladimir Putin is Black

    2. Vladimir Putin is a criminal

    3. Trump supports Vladimir Putin (according to mainstream media)

    4. Ergo Trump supports BLM

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    Trump is friends with dozens of Russian oligarch Jews. Trump is a criminal and Cabbalist.

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    Elephant in the room: utter lack of personal accountability