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Bloomberg’s appearance in Aspen came shortly after New York City began its 11-day streak without an investigated murder, a record for a city that saw its crime rate drop drastically during the mayor’s three terms. According to city statistics, the murder count was 649 in 2001, just before Bloomberg won his seat, and decreased to about 330 in 2013 when he left office.

“If you can stop them from getting murdered, I would argue everything else you do is less important,” Bloomberg said in Aspen.

It's not racist to save lives of young black people and make their neighborhood's safer.

I've been disappointed there's not a presidential candidate I would vote for. But after reading posts like this, I'm impressed with the common sense and effectiveness of Bloomberg on this issue. I detect no racism coming from him, but I do detect phony virtue-signaling in this post title.

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He's a Democratic presidential candidate, and this is against Democrat values. In fact, people have been deplatformed and cancelled for much less. Now it's time for him to be held to the same standard that he himself supports.

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I don't know much about him (yet; I'm intrigued, though), but I know he's declared himself as a Democrat, a Republican and an independent at different times, so he's not a devout Democrat. I read somewhere that he said no candidate could win the presidency outside of the two major parties, so I assume he's aligned with them for purely strategic reasons. Apparently the Democrats are okay with it since Bernie Sanders is doing the same thing.

I don't think Bloomberg is the garden variety deplatforming, canceling Democrat, but has to tread carefully to have a chance at winning the presidency.

As I said earlier, this report on Bloomberg's thoughts actually are encouraging, since, like you (I assume), I can't stand the politically-correct nonsense of the far left. I don't think Bloomberg really supports it either.

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Bloomberg is 100% corporate establishment. He won't have any problems doing the deep state's bidding and starting the wars that Trump has denied them.