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Police reform and modified training is necessary today. Too often overly aggressive authoritative tactics and physical harm ensue without provocation. The main function of the police is to protect and serve. These two main goals are nearly completely forgotten. Now watch what you say? Is a punishable offense. Sure take away the right of free speech too. What’s next uniforms based on social cast system?

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The future looks extremely grim.

The elites have set up a system where nothing can change.

The globalists control Hollywood, Wall Street, the media, and the government.

The ruling class uses carrots and sticks to force Americans to be compliant.

The moral politician can either take campaign donations from the globalists and embrace debt, wars, and tyranny or work hard and pay taxes that fund war, debt, and tyranny to self-finance a political campaign.

The 1% can use the media to run hit pieces on politicians who love freedom, peace, and balanced budgets. The press can use unnamed sources to lie about honest candidates or find workers, employers, friends, or family members who were involved in a scandal. The Deep State can hack voting machines or threaten, drug, or kill moral politicians.

Americans will not resist because they are too distracted by bread and circuses, degenerate, depraved, degraded, and immoral and are dependent on Obamacare, Obamaphones, food stamps, and Section 8.

Wide-scale resistance is unlikely because of NSA wiretapping.

Brave patriots who attack police stations and government buildings will be vilified by the press as kooks and lone wolves.

Any Americans who support wars, debt, and the police state is considered to be normal and will get a paycheck or a sale.

The 1% scare Americans to beg for their chains.

The elites can get Americans to beg for a wall that will keep Americans in by running stories about scary illegal aliens.

The ruling class can say TSA groping is needed because of Muslims.

The globalists say guns must be banned because of blacks.

The ruling class says a trade war is needed to stop cheap Chinese prices.

The ruling powers say rent control and a minimum wage is needed to fight inflation.

The globalists say taxes must be raised to pay for US debt, wars, and tyranny.

The 1% says checkpoints are needed to stop drunk-drivers.

The elites say smoking bans are needed to help the state meet private prison quotas.

The most logical response to an environment like this is for the moral American to leave now.

Lose your name, stop carrying a mobile phone around, use cash, buy guns and gold, go Galt, dropout, go off the grid, and be like the Amish.