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So, Zerohedge's source is FOX News.

Fox news relies on this:

a federal source told Fox News Friday.

Which means we have to take their word for it. Despite of course, not having any evidence that Epstein is dead or alive. Likely, none will ever exist. We might get a glimpse of non timestamped surveillance footage of a grainy figure, allegedly Epstein hung in a cell. Unlikely.

Because we have no evidence, and because the recent trials have been sketches of him and no pictures exist of him in his 2nd trial that I'm aware of, (they only use pictures of him in 2008) likely this will become a limited hangout psyop. They'll continue adding on conflicting narratives with unnamed aources for years to come. One big distraction.

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That does seem like a news circle jerk.

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It is. They'll continue "OBTAINING" more information and crazy facts over the years from unamed sources and sources familiar with the investigation that isn't taking place because no evidence exists of Epstein even being dead or surfacing for his 2nd trial; only sketches. It is a limited hangout, no different than Assange and wikileaks, who if any cared to research him and his connections with Zionist Jews, you'd find out quick it was a psyop, Snowdon and Glenn Greenwald aer also limited hangout. Don't get distracted by it.