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So, Zerohedge's source is FOX News.

Fox news relies on this:

a federal source told Fox News Friday.

Which means we have to take their word for it. Despite of course, not having any evidence that Epstein is dead or alive. Likely, none will ever exist. We might get a glimpse of non timestamped surveillance footage of a grainy figure, allegedly Epstein hung in a cell. Unlikely.

Because we have no evidence, and because the recent trials have been sketches of him and no pictures exist of him in his 2nd trial that I'm aware of, (they only use pictures of him in 2008) likely this will become a limited hangout psyop. They'll continue adding on conflicting narratives with unnamed aources for years to come. One big distraction.

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That does seem like a news circle jerk.

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It is. They'll continue "OBTAINING" more information and crazy facts over the years from unamed sources and sources familiar with the investigation that isn't taking place because no evidence exists of Epstein even being dead or surfacing for his 2nd trial; only sketches. It is a limited hangout, no different than Assange and wikileaks, who if any cared to research him and his connections with Zionist Jews, you'd find out quick it was a psyop, Snowdon and Glenn Greenwald aer also limited hangout. Don't get distracted by it.

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I think if someone doxxed the sleepy guards they would start cooperating.

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Of course not. How do you think things will go when this breaks:

\$Obama rapes + kills 2 boys 15Jan in Buffalo. DeBlasio: 5 Buttgieg: 5 Cuomo: 4 Murray: 3 Dorsey: 3 Thiel: 3. Trump $4 billion to co|ver. Pel!osi $3 billion Harris $1 billion Schumer $2 billion to help bring the boys over the border. Trump $138 million to bypass 5th amendment

BE SURE TO Listen! to previously unprocessed footage now available [Soros, 0bama child rapes 15Jan 4-6am], Obama around 524: "Why is there so much blood? Someone get me something to clean the blood off my dick..."

15JanCh3_347-528.avi 15JanCh3_528-545.avi 15JanCh4_400-600.avi

See pages 18-23, 8, 11, 12, 35, 45, 61, 62, and update list at end of doc.. Having trouble getting traction. Getting censored/banned. Billions in bribes paid to Trump, Pelosi, Schumer, Harris to enable a Soros funded child raping ring to operate in the USA. Please listen to the links below. Turn up the volume and put headphones on. You will hear these people, and many other high profile people, incriminate themselves in unbelievable fashion. Full 76 page document [update 10Aug] filled with red handed evidence like this at the bottom.

Go to pages 18 through 23 of this document and you will hear Dorsey and Thiel raping children. You will hear their screams. They both rape and kill three. Also at the "rape party" of note: Bill DeBlasio, Andrew Cuomo, Bill Murray, Peter Buttgieg, George Soros, Barack Obama.

Please copy and paste this post and repost it. I keep getting censored by these people. Peter Thiel a1nd Jack Dorsey raping and killing three boys each. Turn the volume all the way up and put head phones on.

O1bama admits to raping and killing boys here at about 547, with commentary from Peter Thiel, George Soros, Matt Porter:

Trump demands $4 billion to "take a blind eye" at 1015++ (link missing from report, unsure how). Here's pieces of dialogue:

1015 The President requests four billion and henry Porter agrees to it. Some dialogue below. 1017 Donald Trump: Why don't you think about it. 1017 Henry Porter: I don't need to think about it. I'm ready for you to find out what we're really about. 1017 Gigi Hadid: I don't think it's a good idea Henry. 1017 Henry Porter: shit. Jelena just stop talking about it. 1018 Gigi Hadid: About what? 1018 Henry Porter: The child raping. 1018 Donald Trump: What the fuck are you talking about? 1018 Gigi Hadid: Mr. President we are child rapists. 1018 Donald Trump: You cannot be serious. 1018 Donald Trump: You're gonna need $4 billion for me to take a blind eye. 1019 ?: People are laughing because they think four billion is too much. I think it's not a problem when you have $35 billion. 1022 Donald Trump: You better have that $4 billion or you can kiss this shit goodbye.

Trump wants $138 million to ensure smooth outcome for false judgment, as in no trial or hearing, simlpy entering in a judgement into the system thus bypassing the fifth amendment right of due process:

Obama explains the Illuminati with Jack Dorsey...At 230 a conversation is occurring on the embedded Porter camera system with Jack Dorsey, Peter Thiel, Barack Obama, Bill Murray, and the Porter's. Jack Dorsey provides a statement defining who their group is: "The Illuminati is an underground organization of child rapists and homosexuals." Matthew Porter: "We have to thin the herd, so Barack is going to explain a few things." At 232 Barack Obama says the following: "You people have to realize we are child rapists. The Illuminati are child rapists. As soon as you figure that out, you can decide what to do. Everybody is freaking out about what just happened [child raping event still going on]. This is who we are.":

Full 76 page document [updated 10Aug]:

Please post this anywhere you can! Each google drive link is a backup to the wasabi link just in case one is "down". Getting blocked, censored, "downvoted" etc. These people are extremely wealthy and throw money to anyone who will help them cover up their child rapes & murders, corruption. Ironically, this is usually done through a receivership transfer, where you receive the funds after four or more day, and it can be pulled at the last second, whch is usually the case, after you've done them the "service".

A word about the "f@&&ot" usage: it was a necessary tool. It showed three things: they were not in control, if they were the usage would have be stopped. Everyone out there needed to see t%his. Two, it made it unpleasant for them to be in the headspace, which has obvious advantages. Three, it pointed out impersonators of BS because they would not call each other f@%%ot, thus helping to mitigate the spread of false information. Apologies for those unintentionally offended.

Of special interest to the LGBT community, I give you Barack Obama in a foursome with Peter Thiel, Jack Dorsey, and Matthew Porter. It is on page 12 of the document where you can download the video containing audio footage of the "event". Link for the doc is just above under "Full 76 page document".

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How do you suppose they were paid? Swiss bank account? Gold? Threat of death?

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That's a good question that will never be answered because it is all a psyop. But likely, they'll just make something up.