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"Girls" "fighting"... i like it.

Why don't you go through to full zionist-mode regarding conscription laws, if your at it anyways?

Perhaps some of your thots rather wanna go "full spectrum warrior" anyways...

Or what about your "gamer girls" EA brainwashed sucessfully?

Or what about these hardcore-lesbian-pseudo tomboys or "feminists" with all their bottled-up self-hate ?

Just give them guns. Then:

Three weeks bootcamp to securely remove any last remaining "working" braincell and you got the army of jarheads you need so desperately to "conquer" the whole world, finally.

Now that you got "tactical" bras this should be effortless...

And i know that this would fit the average ego-size of most US-"patriots"...

Fighting for "freedom" is your thing, ain't it ?

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Or you could not want women to have good bras, that's cool too i guess

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Free titties...

If you really asking...