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If someone has a gun, and you yell shoot me, don’t be shocked if you get shot.

And conflating my words with antifreeze is not going to win you any arguments.

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What does any of this have to do with the innocent white teen who was beaten to death by blacks? Stop blaming the victim. That's evil.

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There’s a concept in tort law called contributory negligence. Failure of an injured party to act prudently, considered to be a contributory factor in the injury which they have suffered.

The fact is that you are unreasonable. You are not having a conversation, rather you want a circle jerk. You want an echo chamber.

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Oh look, more ad hominem personal insults, in violation of Saidit TOS. What a surprise.

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What is The guy who bans everyone. I want you to call him here. And ask him if I violated terms.

This is pretty clearly a Reddit infiltration. You guys have NOTHING better to do than ensure we destroy the world.

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LOL so you discuss that in your group's chat behind the scenes, eh?

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He even baned Rusty Foster! WHO THE FUCK IS RUSTY FOSTER? I'll tell you who a scam artist that stole $50,000 from the CMF that promised to use it to fix Scoop but instead spent it on repairs on his house.