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What's so weird about gay people being well travelled and having their communities being hyper connected across international lines? What does it say about you that you feel bitter about that and see it as some sort of flex, when it's just explaining that as being the biggest part of the vector outside of africa. Why do you need to feel some creepy sense of defeat and see the slightest bit of success as you feeling pathetic? Explain how that's even the slightest bit political or "utopian socialism" when their success comes from capitalism.

""Elaborate masturbation". You're projecting. And you're reading from the scriptures of radical feminists who say the exact same thing about you. It's considered normal for women to experience no orgasm when having sex with heterosexual men. Theyre just fetishized and used as objects...hence the massive child sex trafficking and even adult female sex trafficking market.

It must hurt you to be raised to look down on a group of people and then feeling less than them in the metrics of success society defines for you.

Dont project your failings on to gay people when they're actually attracted to each other, enjoy having sex with the other person, have set examples of enduring relationships that outlast yours, and dont go into yoga classes to shoot up women when they cant get a date.

You people turn this site into a safe space where you keep all the "bad information" and reality out and when that doesnt work, you need conspiracy theories to make you feel good about yourself. Didnt another heterosexual male shooter shoot an entire school with little baby kids again because he lost his "manhood" since he couldnt compete with the rest of society in the capitalistic system you people like?

Maybe you can "man up" in other ways that emulate the traits gay people exhibit that bring them success, money and a dynamic community so you dont constantly churn out "illuminati/jew" conspiracy theories and see shooting up schools as an avenue for compensating for your failures. "Man-children" lol Yes, that's what gays are known for: shooting up schools when they dont get their way.

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You are a strange, misguided person. There's nothing in what you wrote that's coherent enough to say anything more than that about.

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Just stop being so pathetic. Someone made a coherent, logical criticism of someone's misconception about the virus, and instead of properly responding, you go ape shit and then wonder why people dont respect your bad faith trolling. You read the entire thread and that's what you come away with? "Africans arent straight people! tehehe" jesus. Just learn to shut up.

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This is mostly a humorous thread. At least, nothing I posted in here was serious until you came in here and had some weird meltdown.

I'm not sure what big point you think you made that I should respond to. Monkeypox isn't a gay disease? You're right. That was also true about AIDS.

But repeating this information ad nauseum serves no purpose. Read the title of this post.

Then there's this weird attempt to grant gay "sex" some kind of bizarre moral high ground over your twisted, exploitative vision of real sex... and somehow this is related to some asshole 1,000 miles away from me who shot people? You think that would resonate with the people actually affected by that?

You are one sick fuck, and sadly typical of what flourishes the wrong things are de-stigmatized.

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And dude, I'll add one more thing that might actually help you: missing obvious humor and fixation on bizarre beliefs and irrelevant events are all signs of AUTISM. So is faggotry.

To some extent, autism is a choice.

Take that nugget of wisdom and run with it, champ.

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It finally went away after arguing with you, probably in california now 🤢