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The media has been infiltrated by Communists.

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And has been since the mid 1800's.

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That's true. Communism appeals largely to the Artisan class (white-collar workers), so as soon as it was invented: it became popular among journalists.

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They're a tiny, but very politically active subset of a larger population. From my own observations, I'm surprised more people haven't noticed that it's primarily the morally ill, the mentally ill, and other people who've been generally categorized as psychotics and delusional that tend to endorse such erroneous ideologies.

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The Artisan class is naturally degenerate, resulting in Communism being warped from an immoral ideology to a morally repugnant one. The reasons they're predisposed towards immoral behavior are: the desire to be different simply for the sake of it, the unrestricted pursuit of pleasure at all costs, blind trust of the media, and cultural weakness.

Old-school Communists supported temperance — one of the most famous anti-alcohol posters came from the USSR, after all — but contemporary Communists are comprised almost entirely of drunkards and drug addicts.

A similar situation happened when the Artisan class seized control of the progressive movement away from the Working class — they went from supporting Prohibition to pushing for the legalization of all drugs over the course of a century. There are still those, such as myself, who subscribe to traditional Progressivism, but we're few in number — replaced by Neo-Progressive Marxists.

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Well, a lot of women and effete males subscribe to progressivism, not understanding that it's also a liberal ideology that inevitably brings one to the stream of Marxist thought.

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    Exactly! We need to bring manufacturing back home — or at the very least: move it to India. The Republicans whine about the CCP having so much influence over America, but don't actually do no'n about it — they're controlled opposition!

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    Does it name the staff involved? I wonder how many of them have berg, stein or blatt in their names.

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    I wonder if they've ever worked for an Israeli controlled media...

    Mysteries abound.