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The US is collapsing.

Americans say the US debt must be increased because debt worked out so well for Rome.

Americans scream that the US should have wars because the USA needs more refugees.

Americans say tyranny is the American way.

Americans think trade wars are good because Chinese products are too cheap and tariffs will fund US wars, debt, and tyranny while killing US exports.

Americans insist Obama was an asshole for destroying the US with wars, debt, and tyranny, but Trump is a god because he loves wars, debt, and the police state.

Americans are so retarded that they think government overlords should have rent control instead of getting rid of regulations that drive up housing costs.

Americans believe anyone who wears a costume, badge, and a gun is a saint.

Instead of losing weight, Americans think the government should make a decree forcing airlines to provide large seats that will drive up ticket prices.

Americans say the US should build a wall to keep Americans IN because closed borders helped make North Korea rich.

Americans would rather beg for government job-killing decrees that raise the minimum wage instead of starting a business or learning a skill.

Americans believe fighting the British during the Revolutionary War was a huge mistake.

Americans say killing chickens to eat is okay, but eating cats must be illegal.

Americans insist that restaurants would have a vested interest in killing their customers if the government did not require businesses licenses.

Americans fought the Nazis, but have now become Nazis.

Americans are so stupid that they say baseball hats must be outlawed to help the state meet their private prison quotas.

Americans swear government decrees made the USSR successful.

Americans say George Washington was a faggot for supporting freedom.

Americans think the desires of neighbors are more important than the rights of property owners.

Americans believe withdrawing less than $10,000 from your own bank account should be illegal because you might use drugs.

Americans insist protests must be illegal because protesters might break windows.

Americans say the government should shut down churches because there might be terrorism.

Americans scream guns must be banned because blacks might buy guns to kill white people.

Americans feel being groped by the TSA is good because they have nothing to hide.

Americans say NSA wiretapping is fine because it is just metadata.

Americans believe forfeiture is okay because the police have been doing it for years.

Americans insist torture is great because other countries do it.

The USA feels like it is committing suicide.


How can Americans sleep at night now or look in a mirror without feeling utterly disgusted and ashamed?