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Goodbye cruel world, Ghislaine

"... AND HELLO TEL AVIV PAAAARTYYY!!! Where's my homeboy Jeffrey?!"

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You simulate quite a lot of truth for being a "knife"-man. Respect, respect.

I'm a stick-man, fyi. My most favorite stick is made from red oak and easily withstands swords... ;-)

Blunt weapons eader "harder" out, you know ? Especially from the eyes, e.g.

And you can "hear" how empty an actual head is, once you hit it. One of my most favorite sounds, i gotta admit. The "plop", so to say.

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I hope she has a poison pill tell all document that drops the day she "suicides".

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If she had something like that, she surely had leveraged it already.

Her "suicide" is a done thing already, i suppose. They just wait till the heat drops.