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Block user and block sub are on the TODO list. There is a 'block user' link in inbox/messages if you happen to have had contact with said user.

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Looking forward to the feature. I see a lot of growing potential in saidit and although I understand that this request is a bit orthogonal to the core beliefs of the site (no speech restrictions and transparent sharing, opt-out approach); I would like to make my frontpage a very well curated space free from ads and manipulation, only populated by people I think put out good content. Any way of blocking people quickly would be a very welcome addition. Even better if I can do it without having to report them which is what I need to do on reddit.

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Thank you.

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Send me a message and I'll reply. Then you'll be able to use the link mentioned by u/d3rr to block me.

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Look at this courtesy! I henceforth grant you the SaidItter of the Day award.

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Shouldn't that be "SaidIttor"?

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Yeah probably

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sorry english is such a retarded language

sorry i'm not canadian



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Ill show up to ur nans house cheeky cunt

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Saidit's sub 'subscribe' system is an opt-out system, rather than reddit and voat's opt-in systems. This means that when your account is created, you're automatically subscribed to all subs, then you can unsubscribe from the ones you don't want on your home page. If you'd rather do it the other way around, you can go to 'preferences' in the top right to see your user preferences, then select the option 'unsubscribe from all subs' and you can build your own sub subscription list from scratch. This opt-out system also means that when you create a sub, any new users to saidit will automatically be subscribed to your sub.