Post your empathy quotient here by Snow in WatchPeopleDie

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52 although I expected more. I'm the most empathetic person I know (and not proud of it), I'm really good at reading social cues but that doesn't make make me a good person -- I think I "lost" points because I am super socially awkward and can be very blunt, it's just that I'm acutely aware of it without doing anything to change it. I keep apologising and trying to justify myself.

State of WPD; Have your say here! by Greedeater in WatchPeopleDie

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It really feels like a different, lesser place. Classic reposts, idiotic comments, very few pics and no way to downvote. Seems like the good posters are gone. I still come here once every few weeks, catch up and end up disappointed. I go more often to Goregrish or Death Addict where you can find more fresh content but also toxic communities... Our community was the great value of WPD and I'm not finding it here.

I know you can't do anything about that, I'm just venting frustration. Cheers and thanks for making this anyway.

[Archive] Volcano Selfie goes very very wrong by zoristtot in WatchPeopleDie

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(famous, old and obvious fake based onto a fall into water, just in case people think that's real)

Dashcam recorded the death of the driver and passenger car by DoctorsHateHim in WatchPeopleDie

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After watching this many car crashes and personally coming really close to having an accident due to a friend drink driving, if I'm ever in a situation where the driver tries to show off by speeding or is visibly impaired, I'll do whatever I physically need to get them to stop.

Statistics don't care about how "great a driver you are".

Woman falls over a balcony after quarrelling with her husband, DOA by SFinTX in WatchPeopleDie

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Wow this is Baku? Somehow it reminds me of Paris.

Is it possible to block/ignore all posts from one user? by roc in help

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Looking forward to the feature. I see a lot of growing potential in saidit and although I understand that this request is a bit orthogonal to the core beliefs of the site (no speech restrictions and transparent sharing, opt-out approach); I would like to make my frontpage a very well curated space free from ads and manipulation, only populated by people I think put out good content. Any way of blocking people quickly would be a very welcome addition. Even better if I can do it without having to report them which is what I need to do on reddit.